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About the Center

The Center is a national nonprofit that cultivates leadership and change capacity that advances social change.  We support individual, institutional and community transformation necessary to creating healthy, just and inclusive communities.  Part think tank, incubator, and change agency, we help people develop and carry out change initiatives.KLCC Atlanta gathering

How we work…we invite people to reach across boundaries, build trust, and lead from their core values to advance change.  By convening diverse perspectives – especially those historically excluded – we are creating healthier, more just and inclusive communities in our local Pacific Northwest and across the country.


Confluence. A gathering to identify network principles and practices that will ignite and nourish the common good.  Learning to weave networks that can unlock the potential residing in our communities in order to take on big challenges.

Peacemaking Circles. Bringing peacemaking circles to Seattle to transform relationships and build trust so we can have honest conversations, work together, and build strong community across issues of race, violence, and disruptive community divides.

Community Learning Exchange. A national network of communities and change agents that share actions, practices, ideas, and outcomes about advancing  collective leadership and locally driven community change

Nourishing Networks Institute. A bold collective initiative that will systematically link the latent resources of volunteer time talent and imagination within communities to address the need at hand – beginning with hunger in King County.